Happy Hour Scene: Mugsy's

Happy Hour Scene: Mugsy's

The Place: Mugsy's
2239 Richmond Ave.

The Hours: Monday through Friday 4-8 p.m.

The Deals: Domestic beers are $2.50, imports are $3.25, and drafts are $3.50. Well drinks and house wine is $3. All other drinks are $1 cheaper than normal.

The Scene: Mugsy's is a neighborhood bar. Located on Richmond, just a few blocks east of Kirby, the bar, especially during happy hour, pulls in a crowd that lives, well, in the neighborhood.

Happy Hour Scene: Mugsy's

That's what bartender Lisa says, at least, and on Wednesday evening during happy hour, we were enjoying listening to some of the regulars talk about the wild side of Texas A&M.

That's the north side of campus, where all the "red asses" hang out, because apparently the south side is full of sorority girl types.

The Aggie at Mugsy's was talking about the time he saw a couch tossed out of a window, doused with gasoline and lit on fire.

It provided the perfect fuel for an Aggie barbecue.

Those are the types of gentle conversations usually going on at this place, which, during the early hours, never seems to be to packed. It almost has a quaint feel, and if it ever did get too busy, there's plenty of room outside on the bar's two patios.

There's not food at Mugsy's, except during Monday steak nights. Starting in July, the bar is starting Texas Thursdays, where Texas beer, bourbon, tequila and vodka will be featured. Misters and fans have been installed on the patios for the expected crowds.

Conclusion: Great bar, especially if you're in the neighborhood, for enjoying some good conversation and beers.

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