Happy Hour Scene: Nouveau Antique Art Bar

The Place: Nouveau Antique Art Bar
2913 Main St.

The Hours: Tuesday through Friday 4:30 -9 p.m.

The Deals: It's $1 off all drinks. A Budweiser, for example, is $3.

The Scene: The Nouveau Antique Art Bar is so big -- "cavernous," is how a drinking companion described it -- that if the place was ever empty, we might feel silly drinking there.

But Nouveau was packed during happy hour on Wednesday, so we felt comfortable drinking at a place that was quite different from any bar we've visited in Houston.

Nouveau is a dark place, but it's decorated with an ungodly amount of stained glass lamps hanging from the ceiling. In fact, the bar claims it displays "one of the largest private collections of reproduction Tiffany lamps," and there's plenty of other antique furniture there, too.

Rumor has it that Nouveau was opened by a former investment banker who was laid off from his job or quit. Either way, our drinking companion summed up the place with, "This stuff can't be cheap."

Wednesday at Nouveau was so packed because it was hosting an event to celebrate National Refugee Week. Most people at the bar wore name tags and talked about the different charities they work with around town.

One young lady at Nouveau told us that she participated in a "sleep-out" in downtown this past winter, and she explained that a bunch of young people, some of them yuppies, slept outside in the cold for one night to raise awareness for homeless people.

We're not sure if homeless people were allowed to participate in that event, but at Nouveau, we met just one actual refugee. Of course, with so many people there, walking around and mingling in all the little nooks of Nouveau, there could have been more.

Or maybe refugees just don't care for beer and antiques.

Conclusion:  Nouveau is a unique spot with a happy hour that lasts more than four hours. Definitely worth the trip. And since it's located right along the light rail, with a huge parking lot out back, getting there shouldn't be a problem.

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