Happy Hour Scene: The Petrol Station

The Place: The Petrol Station
985 Wakefield Dr.

The Hours: Monday through Friday 3-7 p.m.

The Deals: All $4 beers are $3.

The Scene: On Wednesday afternoon, the Petrol Station, a little bar tucked away in the Oak Forest neighborhood, was full of men. All men. The drinkers and bartenders, all of them, sitting around and laughing, talking about things like swimming pool installation and yard work.

In fact, we started wondering if "Petrol Station" had some hidden meaning, something along the lines of "Brazos River Bottom" or "Montrose Mining Company."

Because even the suggestion to go to the Petrol Station came from another bartender who was a man, who told us that when he wants to drink beer, he drives out to Oak Forest. It's a long drive for him just to enjoy a craft beer.

But we soon learned, almost disappointingly so, that the Petrol Station was not such an establishment, and the bartender assured us that on Thursdays and Fridays the bar fills up with a more diverse crowd.

It just turns out that at 4 p.m. in the middle of the week, mostly guys like sitting around and drinking beer.

The Petrol Station is a great place for that. The bar isn't huge, about the size of Little Woodrow's in Rice Village, but there's outdoor seating that was empty during our visit. The place serves coffee in the morning, but the beer selection is the draw for us.

We went with a Dale's Pale Ale and a Breckenridge Agave Wheat, but the Petrol Station serves brews that are more exotic than those. And $3 for that selection is about as cheap as you'll find.

The bar's location, not far from Ella and 34th Street, is probably out of the way for anyone who doesn't live in the neighborhood, which is a shame, because while we were drinking our beer, we were thinking that every neighborhood should have a Petrol Station.

Of course, if this place opened in Midtown, Montrose or Rice, it would probably be ruined, not a quiet seat in the bar.

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