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Headed to Round Top?

Best known for its twice-a-year Antiques Fairs -- the largest of which takes place this weekend -- Round Top is a tiny pinhead on the Texas map, a laid-back country town with a picturesque square and sweet-as-pie people. There's even a sign posted (at Royer's Round Top Café) that says "If you're in a hurry, go to Houston." That pretty much sums up the quiet little town.

Thinking about heading up? With so many out-of-towners coming in for Antiques Week, you'll need to plan ahead for your grub -- and lucky for you, there's plenty of greatness to be found. We've mentioned several in Brenham and Burton, but here are a few more places to add to your Washington/Fayette County repertoire.

Chappell Hill Bakery and Deli Express Thanks to the area's German and Czech heritage, several places in Washington and Fayette counties offer fabulous homemade kolaches. One such place is the Chappell Hill Bakery and Deli Express, located at the corner of 290 and Main Street in tiny Chappell Hill. You'll pass right by on your way to Round Top, so be sure to stop by for breakfast or a snack. This place has some of the best kolaches around, especially the fruit varieties. Don't see it on the corner? Look harder - It's inside the Exxon station!

Royer's Round Top Café Royer's is the heart and soul of Round Top, serving "contemporary comfort food" in a cozy, be-signed space. Owner Bud Royer lives by the saying "Life is too short" and plans his menu accordingly. It's *not* business as usual during Antiques Week -- you won't be able to go in for a meal -- but be sure to stop by to pick up one of Bud the Pieman's famous pies to go. Flaky crusts filled with rich flavors and a slick sweetness, the pies alone makes this place worth the trip, antiques weekend or not.

Stone Cellar Just across the square from the venerable Royer's is the Stone Cellar, a lively wine bar that also serves snacks. We love to sit on the back patio -- check the Web site for the live music schedule -- and surround ourselves with several of the crisp, flavorful thin-crust pizzas (try the Margarita!). In addition to wine and beer, the Stone Cellar also offers pitchers of sangria, a nice coolant on a hot day.

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