Health Code Roundup: Health Department Violations Waning?

I don't know whether to be impressed or disgusted. That's because I'm not sure if all the restaurateurs have been on their best behavior, or if the Health Department has just been sitting around playing GTA4 on the Xbox 360s they got for Christmas, because there were no health code violations whatsoever handed out in January. No one was cited until a couple of days ago, and those have been for the most part minor and inoffensive.

For instance, Tacos al Primo at 6000 Waltrip was cited for having window / door screens that were not tight-fitting and / or free of breaks. Broken screens?! Say it ain't so, Tacos al Primo! Next they'll be finding improperly stacked paper towels in the restrooms, for Pete's sake. At the Taqueria Torres-Palacios at 7411 Park Place, a citation was issued because the Food Preparation Manager did not have a food preparation license. We at Eating Our Words can't be too judgmental about this, since our driver's license expired last July and we didn't get around to having it renewed until a couple of weeks ago. The place also got cited for having improperly installed plumbing, an ailment shared by Sinclair Elementary School.

The Exxon #60378 at 201 Northpark in Kingwood was cited for having refuse containers that were either not durable, not insect / rodent-proof, not easily cleanable, or leaking. An Exxon? Did the health inspector forget he needed a report to turn in that day and just stop by on his way into work?

To give you some idea of the caliber of violations we're dealing with this month: the Beechnut Manor Living Center at 12777 Beechnut ran out of hand soap and paper towels at one of their sink stations. Thankfully, this problem was corrected on site.

Hollibrook Elementary School at 3602 Hollister was cited for having non-food preparation surfaces that weren't free of dirt and dust. Also, the carpeting wasn't clean. Someone take a whisk and a vacuum cleaner to this place and end this horrific scandal.

That's the worst of it. Congratulations / Shame on you Houston! You're the city with the cleanest restaurants / laziest health inspectors we've heard of!

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