Health Department Roundup

Health Department Report: CoCo's, Field of Green's & More

There were quite a few clean or nearly clean places in this week's reports. That's good news for nearly everyone. Also good news: We're currently at 176 years without a mobile food unit-based terrorist attack! Councilmember/Lord Protector of Houston Andrew Burks must be ecstatic.

Sullivan's (4608 Westheimer) was completely clean. So were Palm (6100 Westheimer), Roost (1972 Fairview), Crawfish & Beignets (9889 Bellaire), Zelko Bistro (705 E. 11th) and Ibiza (2450 Louisiana). Brennan's (3300 Smith) was clean as well, but did earn one violation for no Food Service Manager's Certification.

One more clean establishment: 2150 House of Blues (9780 Bissonnet), on the southwest side. We've never heard of this place, have no idea what it is (beyond the fact that it serves food) and are not sure how it hasn't drawn the attention of that other House of Blues downtown. Maybe we'll open a hot-dog cart and call it 2150 Mark's American Cuisine.

Speaking of hot dogs, apparently there's a mobile unit in the parking lot of the North Shepherd Fiesta called Hotdog My King. Can't decide if that's actually kind of funny or if we're finally losing it. Either way, the only violation inspectors found was no Food Service Manager's Certification.

On to the dirty stuff: CoCo's Crepes (218 Gray) earned nine violations during a recent inspection. Issues included equipment, utensils or food-contact surfaces not clean to sight and touch; employee lacking effective hair restraining device (corrected on site); hand-cleaning soap missing from at least one sink; vent hood with no filter, or with improper filter; self-service single-use articles not wrapped or dispensed correctly; and live animal present on premises of the establishment.

(Mostly) veggie restaurant Field of Green's (2320 W. Alabama), which the inspector understandably listed as Field of Greens because that makes much more sense than including that apostrophe, got hit with seven violations. Those violations included bare-arm/bare-hand contact with food not minimized (corrected); poisonous/toxic materials not stored in a way that prevents contamination; and food not stored in a way that prevents cross-contamination.

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