Health Department Roundup: 006 Edition

The 77006 zip code straddles the Montrose and Midtown neighborhoods, the first known for go-go boys and old mansions, the second for youngish professionals who do not care for porch swings or driving to work. The zone fosters a mix of restaurants and clubs evincing both burnished seedy charm and plasticized hipness. May that equilibrium endure. Here are some health inspector hotspots for Midrose/Montown in the last two weeks:

The Hollywood Vietnamese and Chinese restaurant (2409 Montrose) was caught using cloth or canvas as a food contact surface, but nothing major turned up in the inspection report. The Health Department had a problem with the recyclables system at La Mexicana (1018 Fairview), a longtime fixture on the corner of Fairview and Montrose. Riva's Italian Restaurant (1117 Missouri) suffered an inspection, with citations involving maintenance of nonfood contact surfaces as well as dusty ventilation filters. And a pre-opening visit revealed that unspecified "equipment components" were not kept adjusted according to manufacturers' specifications at the bar at the new RT Houston Midtown (2616 Louisiana), located in the former home of Ruby Tequila's.

No word yet on the restaurant's aspirations toward hipness or seediness, but we'll keep you posted.

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