Health Department Roundup

The list of inspection reports for this week is hundreds deep. We have no idea what happened that allowed city employees to get that much done in the matter of days. On Halloween alone there were more than 100 reports entered. (Apparently October 31 is not a city holiday. Thanks, Annise!) Anyway, here are some familiar places that didn't finish out October in a particularly happy way.

Late Nite Pie (302 Tuam), which has moved and closed and opened again in the past few years, was temporarily closed by the city after inspectors turned up 11 violations during a routine visit. Those included no Food Dealer's Permit; no Food Service Manager's Certification; unused equipment or utensils improperly stored or unclean; food-contact surfaces not clean to sight and touch; and an ice machine set up in a way that allows for contamination. We're certainly not happy LNP's inspection broke this way, but based on some of the experiences we've had there, we're not all that surprised.

The Droubi's outpost on the Rice campus (6100 Main) earned six violations - enough for a citation, but not enough to be shut down. Food was not stored at proper temperatures; at least one employee wasn't washing his or her hands; raw animal foods were not properly separated; and there was no one with a Food Service Manager's Certification present. Also, the place earned the following violation: "Potentially hazardous food not cooled from 135F (21C) to 41F (5C) or below within six hours." Which is funny, because 135 degrees Fahrenheit is most definitely not equal to 21 degrees Celsius. Maybe if the city hired more Rice grads, this type of thing wouldn't happen.

Hendricks Pub (3320 Kirby), one of the new places that's going to turn Upper Kirby into the new Washington before some other area comes along and becomes the new Upper Kirby, didn't have a great inspection. Of the dozen violations the kitchen earned, the worst were potentially hazardous food being improperly thawed in water (we doubt it was in Roak's swimming pool, but it's a funny thought); food not stored at least six inches off the ground; raw animal food not separated in a way that prevents cross-contamination; and ice dispensing utensil(s) not stored on a clean surface with the handle sticking out.

Les Givral's downtown branch (801 Congress) got hit with eight violations, but didn't suffer a citation or a closure. Their problems included not taking effective measures to minimize the presence of insects and rodents; no Food Service Manager's Certification; not having enough hand-washing sinks; food that was either not marked with a disposal time or had been kept past disposal time (those shrink-wrapped spring rolls, maybe?); and equipment/utensils/glassware/plates not handled in a way that prevents contamination.

Candelari's Pizza (2617 W. Holcombe) earned 11 violations and got hit with a citation as well. They didn't cool food quickly enough upon receipt; store food far enough off the ground; maintain proper food-storage temperature; or close openings to the outside that could allow insects entrance. The inspection was based on a complaint; no violations were repeats.

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