Health Department Roundup

You never know where a job as a city health inspector is going to take you - a fine-dining restaurant, a seedy game room, a family-run taqueria or maybe a strip club. It's a tough job. Except for the strip club part.

The most recent strip club the city inspected came up completely clean. Strict adherence to health codes may not be the first thing you think when you hear the phrase "strip-club buffet," but the all-you-can-eat section of the Penthouse Club (2618 Winrock) was apparently spotless. So were the bar and the kitchen. (We don't think inspectors check out the private dance rooms, at least not as official business.)

In a much different establishment - the kind where most employees wear pants, and the fancy variety - things were not quite as clean. Inspectors wrote up La Colombe d'Or (3410 Montrose) for not properly sanitizing food-contact surfaces of equipment and utensils, and not keeping the walls/ceiling clean. You heard right - the Penthouse Club has cleaner walls than the kitchen of La Colombe d'Or. Either that or there was a lazy/distracted inspector involved.

The New York Bagel Shop (9724 Hillcroft) - which inspector(s) erroneously called "New York Coffee Shop" and listed at 9720 Hillcroft - had some problems as well. Raw "shell eggs" were held above 45 degrees Fahrenheit; food was held in improperly labeled containers; there was dirt and dust on non-food-contact surfaces; cleaning cloths were not properly sanitized; vent covers were not in good repair or not kept clean; and there were openings to the outdoors that could allow insects entry into the restaurant.

Nelore Churrascaria (4412 Montrose) did much worse, and got a citation to show for it. The Brazilian steakhouse's violations included not marking food with a disposal time/date; dirty vent filters; an ice machine not set up to prevent contamination of ice; and food stored in containers with porous, absorbent covers.

Down the street at Hollywood Vietnamese & Chinese (2409 Montrose), things didn't go much better, but they did avoid a citation. Still, they must have come close with 11 violations. Those included dust/dirt/debris on non-food-contact surfaces; dirty vents; equipment or utensils not handled so as to prevent contamination; food stored in unclean or uncovered containers; dirty floors; and no Food Service Manager's Certification. We have no idea how they avoided citation, actually. Either way, we still love the Hollywood empire's convenience store a couple blocks away. Vaguely dangerous, a little dirty, 100 percent Montrose.

Rounding out this trifecta of recognizable places that suffered bad inspections, Yildizlar (2929 Southwest Fwy.) got hit this week with 12 violations but no citation. Violations included food stored in unclean or uncovered containers; poisonous/toxic materials not stored in a manner that prevents contamination; different types of raw animal food not stored to prevent cross-contamination; equipment/food-contact surfaces/utensils not clean to sight and touch; and no Food Service Manager's Certification. Inspectors, have you lost all your citation books? Damn.

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