Health Department Roundup

All we've got this week at the Health Department Roundup are mobile food units, mostly taco trucks. We're not sure why the Health Department didn't go to any fixed locations, or why it almost exclusively looked at units serving Hispanic food. Maybe the department did more but didn't get around to posting the reports online. Either way, if you want some culinary variety, just stick your head outside, where it smells like wildfires and barbecue.

One idea the spare offerings reinforced: Most mobile units are cleaner than their reputation suggests, and cleaner than their brick-and-mortar cousins. The worst offender on this week's list of 17 inspections was Taqueria San Luis Y Zacatecas (listed at 8800 Jensen). Inspectors wrote up the unit for two violations - no effective measure intended to reduce the presence of pests, and no protective cover provided for each water outlet, inlet or hose. The second is pretty minor, and it should be noted that the first doesn't indicate the presence of rodents or cockroaches, just the fact that there weren't enough preventative measures in place. Like when you fail to use protection, but nothing bad ends up happening. No harm, no foul! We're talking about bicycle helmets, by the way.

The next tier of violations is about as scandalous as a Minnesota church potluck. Presitas Taqueria (listed at 9328 Irvington) failed to provide water under pressure. Jefferson Catering (listed at 3515 Eastex Fwy.) had improperly sized or installed plumbing, and vent filters that weren't easily cleanable. Jefferson didn't get written up for dirty filters, so we have to assume they were clean. In that case, shouldn't they get special recognition for working to keep hard-to-clean filters free of dirt and grime? For what it's worth, we salute you.

(None of the following weekly award winners were hit with any violations.) Favorite name of the week: Taqueria No Que No (listed at 634 Allen Genoa). The phrase sort of means "I told you so." We think.

Odd name of the week: Los Jalapenos Hot (listed at 5115 McCarty). Um, claro?

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