Health Department Roundup

Health Department Roundup

Last week we couldn't bring you the roundup because the city slacked on updating its inspection records. The most logical explanation is the Memorial Day holiday threw off the schedules of those responsible for updating the site. But we're more inclined to believe that god is finally getting around to punishing us for this gay mayor business. (Don't blame us, we wrote in Tommy Carcetti.) The new reports are up, though, and god won't have to worry about punishing a few allegedly dirty restaurants - the Health Department has that covered.

Sarita's Bakery (1307 Yale) got hit with 17 violations, more than we've seen in months. The Mexican bakery received a citation for, among other transgressions: having no ventilation hood above cooking equipment; having dirty floors; storing food and utensils too close to ground (corrected on site); having improperly outfitted outdoor trash bins; allowing raw food to potentially contaminate ready-to-eat food; an employee not wearing proper hairnet; having plumbing sized/installed incorrectly; not providing110-degree water; and allowing food to spoil or become unsafe for consumption. That last one was corrected on site, likely using either the compliant bakery owner method (throwing the spoiled stuff away) or the Bachelor Frog method (scraping the filth off of whatever's supposedly "rotten" and moving the hell on).

El Regreso de Rey, a mobile food unit registered at 1220 Allen Genoa in Pasadena, came in a close second with 15 violations. Unlike Sarita's, "Return of the King" was closed temporarily, probably due to a lack of proper manager certification. Besides featuring an interesting name - either a Jesus thing, an Elvis thing or a Lord of the Rings thing - El Regreso allegedly offers: food not held at proper temperature; at least one employee who doesn't wash his or her hands; an unchecked insect or rodent presence; insufficient refrigeration units; and an owner operator who uses improper electrical, gas and/or water hookups.

From there, things drop off a bit in severity. Tastee Pizza (6455 Hillcroft) received seven violations and a citation, but the dirtiest of their crimes seemed to be using moist, un-sanitized cloths to clean surfaces, and not cleaning microwave door seals daily. (Microwaves clean themselves, right? Right?!) Inspectors temporarily closed Taqueria El Alacran #3 (6611 Canal) for six violations, including pest control issues, inaccurate thermometers and improperly stored raw food. All of these issues were resolved a couple days later upon re-inspection. Close call of the week: Inspectors found Churros Potosinos (mobile, registered to 4011 Hollister) had improperly sized plumbing and openings that could potentially let pests inside, but they issued no citation. Lucky for them.

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