Health Department Roundup

Some familiar places in the roundup today. Which, of course, isn't really a good thing.

The Counter (4601 Washington) didn't have a -- gasp, pearl-clutch -- heat-measuring device to test the temperature of the final rinse of its dishwashing machine. Oh, and also, "Poisonous/Toxic materials present in the food service establishment are: Not necessary for cleaning and sanitizing equipment and utensils/not necessary for the controlling of insects or rodents present in the food service establishment/not necessary for maintenance/not necessary for operations." Of course there's no specific mention of what was poisonous or toxic. Maybe the Counter was infected by the state of political discourse in this country. Hey, topical!!

Beaucoup Bar & Grill (3102 Old Spanish Trail) racked up seven violations during an inspection Tuesday, but wasn't issued a ciation. Their violations included no thermometer to measure potentially hazardous food; no test kit used to measure cleaning solution; an improperly installed or designed heating, ventilation or AC system (dear god, don't let it be the AC); potentially hazardous food stored without time stamps to indicate when to throw expired items out; and no Food Dealer's Permit. Yeah, you know what's more than potentially hazardous? Hurricanes. As in the drink. Just saying.

The kitchen at Cadillac Bar (1802 Shepherd) had three violations: potentially hazardous food held at improper temperatures; poorly designed or maintained equipment or utensils; and equipment/utensils that weren't dunked in the proper cleaning solution for the proper amount of time. Inspectors cited the restaurant for just these three violations, which may seem harsh, if you're some kind of whale-kissing, Dukakis-hugging moon maiden.

BRC (519 Shepherd) earned five violations Wednesday: No Food Service Manager's Certification; equipment/utensils that weren't dunked in the proper cleaning solution for the proper amount of time; at least one employee without the proper hair restraint; improperly installed or designed plumbing; and no temperature measuring device to check on potentially hazardous food. We'll leave you to make your own Big Red Cock joke.

Beer Island (2632 White Oak) was looked at after a complaint, and inspectors turned up four violations: Insufficient hand-washing signs; wall/ceiling in disrepair; plumbing not sized/installed/maintained properly; and no Food Dealer's Permit. For a dive-ish bar that serves hot dogs cooked in Lone Star (or something like that), just four violations has to count as a victory.

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