Health Department Roundup

Health Department Roundup

There are no inspection reports available from February 23 to 29, but there are dozens of reports from February 22, Ash Wednesday. We're not sure about the significance of that. But it is important for restaurants to remember that they art dust, and to dust they shalt return, just keep that shit off any food-contact surfaces, okay?

The report lists the inspection site for Antojos Chapina as 6418 Windswept. With some help from Google Maps, we've determined that this is likely a small mobile unit near a strip center. (The report lists the establishment's actual address as "LN, Houston, TX 77057.") The parking-lot outpost was one of two places to get closed temporarily in the last week. Its issues included no proof from the property owner that the operator has permission to open up shop (let alone stop, drop, or shut 'em down, though DMX never needed permission); no proof of restrooms within 300 feet; no proof of the required daily visits to a commissary; and no valid medallion.

Mobile unit question -- So these need to be within 300 feet of a bathroom, but can't be too close to outdoor seating? We're open to someone explaining this.


The other spot the city closed temporarily was the Shipley's at 1829 Bingle. Violations included "sewage/liquid waste not being disposed of properly"; no Food Service Manager's Certification; hand-washing water not hot enough; food not protected from contamination by a long list of nasty potential corrupters; porous, absorbent container covers used to cover food; and openings to the outside not prevented from serving as potential insect entrances.

In happier news, the ice cream push-cart at Discovery Green (1500 McKinney) is totally clean. And it's always close enough to a bathroom, because that fountain-thing is never far away.

The Menil Collection Bookstore (1520 Sul Ross) had a toilet room without at least one covered receptacle; no sign instructing employees to wash their hands; and no thermometer to measure air temperature "in the warmest part of the facility storing potentially hazardous foods." It's been a little while since we've been in the book store there - do they even sell food?

Da Marco (1520 Westheimer) had three issues - equipment/utensils/glassware/plates not handled in a way that prevents contamination (corrected on site); food-contact surfaces not cleaned at least every four hours (corrected on site, and unless the inspector was there for more than four hours, we're not sure how they know this); and potentially hazardous food not marked with a disposition date. The bar and the pasta kitchen were completely clean. And if you have the means to eat at Da Marco but would hesitate to because of those three violations, you deserve Olive Garden and a scarlet "P" on your sport coat or blazer that stands for, um, "Probably a sissy."

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