Health Department Roundup

The selection of inspection reports was slim last week, but things have picked up over at the city's website. In the past seven days, inspectors issued eight citations and temporarily closed five more places without issuing citations. The city's gotta pay for the equipment to seed clouds and force rainfall somehow. No, just kidding. We don't actually have any clouds.

Here's a quick and dirty rundown of this week's highlights.

Closed temporarily, but not cited:

Queen Bee (239 W. Tidwell): Six violations, including no sneeze guard and no Food Dealer's Permit (probably the reason for the closure).

Fuel Stop (6750 Telephone): Nine violations, all fairly minor except for the missing FDP and Food Service Manager's Certification.

Hunan King (5714 Chimney Rock): An inspection based on a complaint yielded 14 violations. The worst include food and ice not protected from contamination, and lack of control of the presence of pests. The manager did not have the proper certification, either.

Loco's Sno 2 Go (mobile, 1522 Hitherfield): Five violations, including no proof of a daily commissary visit and no FSMC. With a name like that, the DEA is probably planning an inspection as well.

Pupuseria Soccer Locker (11220 Airline): No clue what's going on with this name, either. Also, their only violation was "Operating a food service/processing establishment not conforming to requirements of Article II." Cryptic much, health department?

Cited, but still open:

Taqueria y Pupuseria La Jefa (7626 Jensen): The agua here was not hot enough and was not from an approved source, and there was not enough of the drinkable kind. Also, their plumbing was not sized or installed correctly. In other news, Waterworld was not as bad a movie as people made it out to be. Maybe we think that because we saw it when we were 11.

Laura's Café (2339 Bay Area Blvd.): No FDP.

7 Evening Food Store (8702 Beechnut): Does the name mean they're open seven nights a week? Coincidentally, they got seven violations. Those included mislabeled food and poorly designed or maintained equipment or utensils. Also, There was no FSMC or FDP, but somehow 7 Evenings escaped getting temporarily closed.

La Mia Café (5801 Memorial): They had a hairnet problem, which they fixed on site, and a FSMC problem, which you can't really fix on site, so they were cited, capisce?

Frosted Betty Bake Shop (19023 Village Maple): Only three violations, which were no three-compartment sink, an employee not using correct utensils/gloves/hand sanitizer, and an employee without proper hair restraint. None were repeats. Not sure how that equals a citation.

Pollos Asados El Rodeo (mobile, 7702 East Fwy.): This mobile unit has some problems, including not visiting a commissary daily; not discharging liquid waste properly (delicious sounding); keeping hoses on the ground; having a cluttered work area; using water from an unapproved source; and having no proper ventilation.

Closed and cited, a.k.a. the worst part of the Venn diagram to be in:

Amigo Food Mart (390 Aldine Bender): No FDP. Seriously, that's it.

King of Wings (3511 Elgin): So word is this place, which is an "Illegal Establishment" that's "Under Surveillance" by the health department, had nine violations during a recent inspection. But you didn't hear that from us.

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