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One of the most revealing things about writing the Health Department Roundup has been realizing that, outside of rat droppings in the saucepans or children's fingers in some dish that doesn't call for them, there are very few violations that will really deter us from places. In fact, eating at potentially dirty establishments can have an exotic, cosmopolitan feel to it. Bon Appetit!

For example, take Grif's Shenanigans Café & Bar (3416 Roseland), a venerable Montrose sports dive that serves the usual bar fare, in addition to specialty items like steak and pork chops on certain nights. First, we were vaguely aware that "Shenanigans" was somewhere in the name, but we're also pretty sure - and the bar's website confirms this - that it's actually "Griff's." Second, we could have guessed that there's some accumulated dust present, and some dirt around the vents, and some improperly stored utensils, and some "liquid waste" not properly dealt with. All right, that last one is a little nasty. Still, next time we make it around that way, we're not going to hesitate to eat some of the free stuff they give out for Thursday-night trivia.

If cleanliness is next to godliness, then All God's Children Center (13833 Stancliff) is pretty much grinding on the big man himself. In an inspection last week, neither of the day care's kitchens received a single violation. If that's not proof that there's a deity out there looking out for his subjects, then we're not sure what is. Inspectors come in, inspectors come out with no violations recorded, never a miscommunication. Can't explain that.

The kitchen at Zuma Fun Center (6767 Southwest Freeway), which back in our day was Celebration Station, was temporarily shut down for six fairly serious violations. Those included a failure to provide water at 110 degrees, utensils not sanitized after each use or during interruption of operations, and dirty floor coverings. All that bragging about how we're unaffected enough to eat almost anywhere doesn't apply to places that don't wash their forks. We'll just skip the food and meet you at the go-kart track.

Fancy-neighborhood violator of the week: After the health department received a complaint and looked into the place, Gelato Blu (5710 Memorial) in Memorial got written up for not providing enough light, not cleaning microwave door seals, improperly installed plumbing, not using enough pest-reduction methods and accumulated dirt/dust. Oh, and the shop was also cited - a repeat violation - for using a pesticide that is not registered or approved by governmental authorities. Quelle horreur, Memorial. This is like Israelis and Palestinians firing white phosphorus at each other, except they're fucking with your European ice cream, which is unexpected and therefore worse in a lot of ways.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.