Health Department Roundup

Health inspectors must be feeling the season -- last week saw only one citation issued and one temporary closure. Will this lead to an increase in tickets issued for noise violations/DWI/speeding/expired inspection? Confirmation bias says: Most definitely.

The unlucky (or irresponsible) recipient of the temporary closure was the Shell at 7025 South Loop East. The seven violations included failure to provide water at 110 degrees Fahrenheit, mislabeled food, ice dispensing utensils stored improperly (somehow not corrected on site), potentially hazardous food stored at improper temperatures, and employee using food-prep sink for hand-washing. An inspection two years ago revealed seven violations as well, though only one - the labeling thing - was a repeat in 2011. It's so important to try new things.

Bad week for convenience stores. The lone citation was issued to the Handi Stop on 1201 West Sam Houston Parkway North, for three transgressions: clutter/litter on the premises, no certified manager on duty, and failure to fully evacuate every interceptor or holding tank every 90 days. That last one roughly translates as "not emptyin' out them grease boxes." Some folks think grease is like a nice skillet - you gotta let the stuff develop a unique personality.

The Doc Popcorn/"sink cart"/Dippin' Dots in Baybrook Mall had a completely clean inspection last week. Which raises (not begs) the question - Dippin' Dots still exist? Apparently so. We know at least one grown man who will be very pleased. He's currently under the impression that the company went under. No, it's not us.

Skyline Deli (702 Travis) didn't catch too much heat from inspectors, earning only two violations - equipment not adjusted properly (please note that it's rude to do this in public) and plumbing not sized/installed/maintained correctly. Extra special shout-out to the owners (assuming this Skyline still has the same owners) for feeding the Houston Press staff in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, when we were running the office off of generators and Skyline was one of the few places downtown with power, and more importantly, coffee.

That's it for this year. Here's to a clean 2012.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.