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We don't really remember caring about the heat during childhood. And now that we're old enough to be appropriately miserable, it may be too late to feel all right about wading through a group of kids to take advantage of one of summer's actual perks, the ice cream truck. First-world problems, right? Speaking of ice cream trucks:

Space City Ice Cream, a mobile unit listed at 8103 Glencrest, went through a pre-opening inspection Thursday, and with only five months of intense heat and humidity left in the ice cream season. SCIP didn't get hit with any violations. Neither did fellow frozen-treat slinger Sobrasita Ice Cream (mobile, listed at 902 76th). Actually, we're not sure how you could violate the law selling pre-wrapped food that has to be kept below freezing to prevent melting. There has to be a way, though, and it probably involves slime or pests or the sex offender registry. But these guys are clean.

There was some good news for the owners of El Regreso de Rey mobile food unit (1220 Allen Genoa), which had a rough inspection last week that resulted in a closure. Inspectors gave it a completely clean report Thursday, which means owners corrected 15 (five repeats) violations in less than a week. Sometimes it takes us that long to move clean laundry from a pile on our bed to the closet or dresser. We're just saying, good job.

Taqueria La Finca #2 (957 FM 1959), however, didn't do as hot on a recent re-inspection. It earned nine violations during a June 2 inspection, but was not cited or shut down. But a revisit on Thursday resulted in seven violations (five repeats) and a citation. The carryovers included violations for food stored at improper temperatures; improperly designed or maintained utensils or equipment; improper rodent/insect control; unprotected openings to the outdoors; and the lack of a Food Service Manager's Certification. New (or previously overlooked) violations included improper food storage containers and a missing food thermometer. If we owned a place that just flunked the Health Department equivalent of an open-book exam, we'd probably change our marquee to read "Haters gonna hate," because the world needs to know we can't be bothered with any variety of jive-ass bullshit, least of all health inspections. Just a suggestion, Finca.

In case you or a loved one gets shot or stabbed this week: An inspection of the main kitchen of Ben Taub Hospital (1504 Taub Loop) revealed only one violation, but it's a classic: contaminated (or potentially contaminated) ice. Might be below "staph infection" on your list of hospital concerns, but at least it's on there now. You're welcome.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.


Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.