Health Department Roundup

We're kind of disappointed there's not a flash-point restaurant or bar in this week's crop of inspection reports - the kind of place that usually brings out the worst in bitchy internet commenters. No one gets worked up about the food-service area of the Hampton Inn on I-10. It's spotless, by the way. Not that you asked.

The Melange Creperie unit that operates at Westheimer and Taft went in for an inspection and got hit with one violation: "Mobile unit not complying with the requirements of Article II." Nothing else. We don't know what that means. We do know they probably have to stick to a bunch of regulations about proximity to grease traps and stuff like that, even though they don't use a fryer. God bless our local government. Juan Mon's (1901 Taft) earned just three violations - moist cloths used to clean up spills, clutter/litter around the grounds, and plumbing not sized/installed correctly. Apparently there is no violation that reads "sandwich names barely if at all reflect/represent the geographical source they claim but still taste pretty good."

The kitchen at Ziggy's Healthy Grill (302 Fairview) had a less-than-healthy inspection, tallying seven violations (with no citation and no temporary closure). Those included ducts not maintained to prevent the entrance of dirt/dust; utensils stored improperly; potentially hazardous food not maintained at the proper temperature; and "approved methods for rapid cooling not utilized."

Moving away from Montrose (or, if you like to bother the overly sensitive 10 percent of the local population that for some reason cares, "the Montrose") Cocina Latina (5920 Bellaire) earned a citation after a reinspection. Their issues included potentially hazardous food not held at the proper temperature (repeat); moist cloths used to clean up spills (repeat); equipment/food-contact surfaces/utensils that aren't clean to sight/touch (repeat); and improper cooling procedure for potentially hazardous food (corrected on site).

And the early days of crawfish season brings bad news for LA Crawfish (1005 Blalock). They earned ten violations (though no citation) during a routine inspection, including: Ice-maker not run in a way that prevents contamination; food-contact surfaces of utensils/equipment not sanitized for the proper amount of time (corrected on site); single-use articles being reused (corrected on site); food stored in contact with water/un-drained ice; food stored in unclean/uncovered containers.

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