Health Department Roundup

We're not planning on occupying any financial districts. But as a certified member of the 99 percent (not by choice, because who is), we thought we'd take a shot at bursting the bubble of our wealthy overlords.

The Houston Country Club (1 Potomac Drive) had every well-heeled section of its campus explored by inspectors, who came up with a few violations. Get ready to clutch those pearls: The Terrace Bar had dirty floors; the Potomac Bar and main kitchen did not have accessible hand-washing sinks for the help; the snack area and the storeroom had poorly designed or maintained equipment/utensils. Best of all, the Wayside Grill had non-food-contact surfaces with accumulated dust, dirt or debris, and an ice machine with some contamination issues. The slime unites us all, regardless of tax bracket.

Let's move on to a place that doesn't cost thousands of dollars just to apply to and where being non-WASP isn't a drawback. At the Jewish Community Center (5601 S. Braeswood), the meat kitchen had storage that wasn't easily cleanable (though not necessarily dirty) and poorly designed or maintained equipment/utensils; the dairy kitchen had bulk food not properly labeled; and in the coffee shop, utensils/equipment/glassware/plates were not handled correctly to prevent contamination. And today we learned the JCC has separate meat and dairy kitchens, which makes total sense now that we think about it.

And way on the north side, the main kitchen Doctors Hospital (510 W. Tidwell) got hit with 11 violations and a citation. Most weren't too serious - no drying materials next to every hand-washing sink; walls/ceilings in poor repair; non-food-contact surfaces had dust/debris issues; utensils/equipment/glassware/plates were not handled correctly to prevent contamination; and at least one employee was not washing his or her hands frequently enough. Nothing major, but the hospital setting tends to make minor mistakes seem worse. WTF of the Week: Lenny's Sub Shop (1001 Fannin) had a quiet inspection, though it was written up for not having the minimum number of hand-washing sinks. This violation was somehow corrected on site. We have no idea.

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