Health Department Roundup: Bakery Edition

This week's roundup feature retail bakeries cited by the health department for sugar-dusted food-service blunders during the past two weeks.

On the wholesale front, Sammy's Bakery (11331 Bissonnet) was caught with an overflowing garbage container in its food service area There are also no paper towels or hand blowers near the sinks, so I suppose one must use the old thigh-of-the-pants leg-drying method before handling a crescent of dough. Meanwhile, the floor over at another wholesaler, Yen Huong Bakery (1203 Chartres), is "not constructed of smooth, durable materials," like marble or quartz or something else of unspecified resilience. Both businesses, says the Houston Health Department, also have poorly maintained walls, we suppose to match the floors.

The moist cleaning towels at La Unica Bakery (3341 Telephone Road) are not being sanitized between uses, and workers there are not using "suitable utensils to handle ready-to-eat foods." There is also the matter of that nowhere-to-dry-your-hands-but-your-thighs violation, which sounds doubly illegal when we put it that way.

Stone Mill Bakers (2518 Kirby) has inviting "openings" that welcome insects inside to make their homes in your favorite preservative-free bread. Temperature vigilance for display food is also lacking. As all good Houston bakers know, pastry + heat + humidity = hot, damp, moldy pastry. Say that three times fast.

Xelapan Bakery (7902 Longpoint Road) racked up 12 violations for everything from operating without a food service manager's certification, to soap-free sinks, to the collegiate trick of using milk and produce crates as storage racks. Lastly, the 6619 Tidwell location of good old Shipley's Donuts can't keep the sugar and other dust off the equipment fast enough to suit the health department.

Sweet dreams.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.