Health Department Roundup

Health Department Roundup: BB's, Ragin Cajun, the Montrose Valero and More

Let's start with something fun: The Valero at the nexus of the universe, also known as the intersection of Montrose and Westheimer, was cited and closed thanks to a river of shame that threatened to back up the plumbing and flood the sort of nice Cibolo coffee stand they've got going there.

Actually, the store was temporarily closed for improper disposal of sewage/liquid waste; not utilizing proper pest control methods; live animal present on premises (10 bucks on homeless guy's sad dog); exterior surfaces not kept free of litter; and no properly certified manager on duty. We had a friend who worked the night shift there a few years back. We're pretty sure he wasn't certified to sell food. He did see a woman set fire to a man who was harassing her near the gas pumps -- that has to qualify you for something.

In happier news, the BB's (2710 Montrose) right up the street earned just one violation during a recent inspection -- no valid food dealer's permit. Back south on Montrose, General Joe's Chopstix (3939 Montrose) did fine, earning just three violations: equipment improperly designed or maintained; potentially hazardous food stored at improper temperatures (corrected on site); and "toilet facilities used by pre-school-age children" not kept in good repair. It seems to us all toilet facilities that aren't in strip clubs or bars are potentially open for toddlers' use, but we're not here to ruin anyone's fun.

Ragin Cajun (4302 Richmond) escaped citation/closure, but earned ten violations during a recent inspection. Issues included potential contamination from bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat food (corrected on site); potentially hazardous food stored at improper temperatures; refrigeration facility with no thermometer; non-food-contact surfaces not cleaned often enough to prevent accumulations of dust/dirt/debris; potentially hazardous food not properly thawed; ice intended for consumption used for cooling (corrected on site); vent filters not cleaned often enough to prevent accumulations; and openings to the outside not protected against the entrance of pests.

Alfa Capri (10816 W. Bellfort), a Pakistani game room and café, earned six violations, but unlike Ragin Cajun, got hit with a citation. Their problems were dirty floors; dirty walls/ceiling; at least one sink lacking hand-drying towels; non-food-contact surfaces not cleaned often enough to prevent accumulations of dust/dirt/debris; equipment not designed or maintained properly; and stored refuse accessible to insects and rodents. There's no violation for live animal present on premises, which means the parrot that used to hang around there either died, found a new home or didn't draw the wrath of the health inspector.

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