Health Department Roundup

Health Department Roundup: Ben Taub, 59 Diner and More

This week's inspection reports were heavy on recognizable inner-Loop places, most of which did fine. The most upscale place among that group, however, earned the most violations. We'll get to that after we address everyone's favorite Level I trauma center that isn't called Memorial Hermann.

Inspectors visited Ben Taub (1504 Taub Loop), one of the country's busiest trauma centers, and checked just one area - 3F laber/delivery/recovery. (Yeah, it says "laber" on the report. The 'e' and the 'o' aren't all that close to each other on the keyboard.) What inspectors found wasn't near as scandalous as some non-medical news coming out of the hospital in the past couple years. (What rhymes with "GSW"?) The area's only violation was potentially hazardous food stored at improper temperatures. We'll just leave this here. Also, check out this goat.

On to the restaurants. The Le Peep at 5750 Woodway had two violations: food stored in unclean or uncovered containers, and moist cleaning cloths not rinsed or stored in sanitizing solution. Both were corrected on site. The Le Peep at 3810 Farnham has a better cloth game, apparently - a consultative visit turned up no violations.

The Barnaby's at 5750 Woodway had the same cloth problem, in addition to operating without a Food Dealer's Permit.

Blue Fish House (2241 Richmond) had - steel yourself - the same cloth problems, as well as ice machine contamination issues; openings to the outside not protected against the entrance of pests; and inadequate access to employee hand-washing sinks. 59 Diner (3801 Farnham) earned five violations - potentially hazardous food not stored at proper temperatures; ice machine contamination issues; equipment/utensils not designed/maintained properly; floor/floor covering not easily cleanable in at least one area; and refuse storage units lacking proper drain plugs. We actually used to work there and could certainly tell some stories, but that almost seems unfair. They got their inspection and did decent enough to avoid citation, so let that record stand. Also, to the jackass who complained about it back in 2003, if I licked whipped cream off my hand, I always washed at least that hand.

The upscale finale is Up Restaurant (3995 Westheimer). The trendy Highland Village spot earned seven violations during an inspection last week. Issues included no inspection report posted inside restaurant (they do have a dress code notice posted, so they're aware of how to post shit on a wall); potentially hazardous cooked foods not reheated properly before being served or stored (corrected on site); toilet room not equipped with at least one covered waste receptacle; certified manager without certification card on his person; and a selection of stuff related to employee hand-washing sinks.

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