Health Department Roundup: Burger King, Chaat and Bronies

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You know the Health Department Roundup is going to be a little dull when the only place that earned a citation was a Burger King, and half of the places inspected were schools. (We're going to say that works about once a year.) Instead of exciting closures and tickets, of which there were none, here are the results from some of the better-known places the city looked at in the last week. It may not be salacious, but like Dust Bowl farmers struggling against long odds to feed their hungry families -- in fact, it's exactly like that -- we're going to do our best.

Starting with the King, the store at 6220 East Freeway got a citation for wall/ceiling not in good repair, and...that's it. It was a repeat violation, but we're still not sure about the reason for the ticket. But we hate Burger King, so we'll allow it.

Lee's Sandwich (9894 Bissonnet) also earned one violation -- food not labeled properly -- but like literally every other situation we've seen that did not involve permits or certifications, one issue was not enough to yield a ticket.

Cedar Creek Café (1024 W. 20th) had considerably more trouble but also escaped a citation. Violations there included equipment in poor repair/unsanitary/possibly toxic (no kidding); dirty or dusty non-food-contact surfaces; garbage containers leaking or not designed properly; and a potentially contaminated ice machine. All but the first violation were corrected on site.

Becks Prime at 115 W. 19th earned six violations, including food not protected from potential contamination; equipment in poor repair/unsanitary/possibly toxic; dirty floors; and dirty or dusty non-food-contact surfaces.

SRO Sports Bar (444 Northwest Mall) was completely clean, which is nice because a big group of adult male My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fans are meeting there at 11 a.m. Saturday. We are neither among this group nor kidding about this. Also, they are called Bronies. It's a portmanteau of bro and pony, and...you know what? You should go and find out for yourself. With an open mind.

Udipi Café and Chaat House (5959 Hillcroft) earned ten violations in its kitchen and cafe area. The three most serious were dirty or dusty non-food-contact surfaces; food not protected from potential contamination; and a new one, "Devices used to trap insects by adherence not properly installed to protect from exposure: to food/to linens/to equipment/utensils/unwrapped single-service articles."

Completely Unrelated Note of the Week: Rest in peace, Levon Helm (1940-2012). You were an inspiring musician, and those Canadians couldn't have done it without you.

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