Health Department Roundup

Health Department Roundup: Clean Ruchi's, Dirty Whataburger and a Place Called Ernie's

We had a TB skin test a couple days ago, and as we approach the 48-hour minimum for a visual reading with no ominous red bump, it feels strangely like the Texans entering the fourth quarter with a two-touchdown lead on whatever ungulate team Peyton Manning is leading. Either way, we'll be keeping an eye out for sneeze-guard violations this week.

We'll start with a bunch of Montrose-area inspections. First, some good news -- a couple of places had completely clean inspections. Indika (516 Westheimer), BB Donuts (515 Westheimer) and Anvil (1424 Westheimer) came out perfect. Sorrento (415 Westheimer) earned one violation, for prohibited carpet in food prep area. Flammable carpet? Who's to say.

Meteor (2306 Genesee) got hit with four violations: improperly sized or installed plumbing; no test kit to measure sanitizing solution; no thermometer in area storing potentially hazardous foods; and improperly used drying agent.

Grand Prize (1010 Banks), listed here nostalgically as Ernie's on Banks, earned just one violation: dirty floors. Maybe that's due to the fact that weekends at Grand Prize now bring scummy 22-year-olds who tag the patio steps because no one paid attention to them in high school.

Bacchus (2502 Dunlavy) got just two violations, poorly designed or maintained equipment, and no test kit to measure sanitizing solution.

Moving out of Montrose, we found the equivalent of a unicorn riding a white whale: a spotless Ruchi's. Flock to 5708 Chimney Rock, try the shrimp and repent while there's still time, for the end times are upon us. New York Pizzeria (17195 Tomball Parkway) had a rough time, earning a citation and a temporary closure for 13 violations. Issues included no Food Dealer's Permit; plumbing not sized or installed properly; no test kit to measure sanitizing solution; microwaves not cleaned at least once a day; dirty vent filters; single-use articles not stored in a way that protects against contamination; and no Food Service Manager's Certification.

Golden Dim Sum (10600 Bellaire) also got a ticket but was allowed to remain open. An inspector turned up five violations there, including moist cloths used improperly; crusty or greasy food-contact surfaces of cooking equipment; effective pest-control measures not taken; and dirty floors.

Finally, the Whataburger at 1700 N. Wayside was closed (but not cited) after an inspector found nine violations. Those included dirty non-food-contact surfaces; ice machine issues (the word we're thinking of starts with an "s" and ends with a "lime"); improper floors; openings to the outside not protected against the entrance of pests; and dirty wall/ceiling.

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