Health Department Roundup: Dirty Margarita Edition

A spotless Tex-Mex restaurant is an eerie sight. Arguably, things like carnitas and cold drinks are served best with a little grit, but this week the Health Department report - more frequently than usual - seems to argue otherwise.

(In a completely unrelated note, don't Google "Dirty Margarita" if you are only looking for recipes to make a cocktail metaphor work. A Dirty Margarita is a marg with beer, although clearly there is much debate on... um... alternative recipes.)

The heavenly tortillas at Tortilleria & Taqueria La Reyna (6711 Rampart St) can't save them from this sinful inspection. Food was noted as not protected from potential contamination, and the manager also failed to produce a Food Manager's Certificate on site at the time.

During its pre-opening inspection, Duranguesne Restaurant and Taqueria (803 Winkler) was cited for areas not kept free of litter and/or other unnecessary clutter, floors not constructed of smooth, durable materials, wall and/or ceiling not maintained in good repair, and insufficient ventilation.

El Rodeo Nightclub (10531 Gulf Fwy), upon inspection, was found to have no hand-cleaning soap and dirty floors, which generally means you are, in fact, in a bar.

Although I've personally lived in many apartments where this was true, it seems the Health Department also frowns on Chiles Taqueria (5898 Renwick) because their "toilet room opens directly into room where food/drinks are prepared."

Tough crowd.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.