Health Department Roundup

Health Department Roundup: Donut Patrol Edition

Robb Walsh has been visiting donut shops all over town but for now, at least until things clear up, he might want to avoid these few bad apple fritters:

We know he loves Shipley Donuts. But the one at 6619 Tidwell was a repeat offender for substandard trash receptacles and surfaces not cleaned often enough, and the location at 3726 Scott had food stored in unclean and/or uncovered containers. The Shipley's at 1629 Gessner had food contact services not clean to sight and touch and potentially hazardous food not kept below 41 degrees F.

The strong arm of the law roughed up big names and the mom-and-pops without discrimination. Donut Palace (520 Northpark) received a violation for failing to use effective measures intended to minimize rodents/insects and other pests on the premises. Hand washing and no-smoking signs were not displayed at Bakery Donuts (7701 W. Bellfort), and the floors were unclean. And at Lone Star Donuts & Yogurt (12136 Greenspoint), the Health Department found potentially hazardous food not maintained at 41 degrees F in cold storage.

In a span of eight days, these six donut shops were all put on the watch list, thwarting sinful snacking in several areas. The good news is that leaves, oh, about 3,479 other donut places in Houston to call in for backup in case a craving should strike.

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Lauren McKechnie
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