Health Department Roundup

Health Department Roundup: Frenchy Edition

Several French-ish restaurants received poor grades from the Houston Public Health Department in the past month.

Au Bon Pain (1200 McKinney) recorded a violation for food not protected from potential contamination by dust, dirt, coughs, sneezes...etc.

France's Cajun cousins at Boudreaux's Cajun Kitchen (12806 Gulf Fwy.) had multiuse equipment not maintained in good repair, which could mean many things, from poor construction to improper cleaning and maintenance.

Inside the Paris-by-way-of-Dallas chain par excellence La Madeleine (4570 Kingwood Dr. in Kingwood) lurked garbage and recyclables containers that weren't up to code, weren't durable, were leaking, or weren't insect proof. Not to be out-cited by its suburban cousin, the La Mad location at 2047 W. Gray had no drain plug in its pubelle containers, inadequate pipe sizing and poor equipment cleanliness.

Inspectors did not get a woody for Café Du Bois (2845 W. Town Center in Kingwood), where manual cleaning sinks were not cleaned prior to use. As opposed to the self-cleaning sinks, which, well, we presume had cleaned themselves.

Croissant Brioche Bakery (2435 Rice Blvd.) allowed moist cloths to be used improperly. There was no ventilation hood installed above the cooking equipment. An employee was not wearing an effective hair restraint, like a beret or a chapeau, and Brother Jacques was sleeping, but that's another tale...

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E. Ting