Health Department Roundup: HBU, Reef, Tina's Mystery Dive and more

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We tend to forget that Houston Baptist University exists. We've never met anyone who went there, at least not that we know of. We're wondering - what's it like? Are they allowed to dance there? Is it like Baylor, but with better access to pill mills and Indian food?

The Health Department visited but didn't offer any kind of insight into the culture of HBU (7502 Fondren). Most of the campus spots it checked out were fine, though an inspector did find problems at the Baugh Center student lounge. The inspector issued a citation after finding seven violations, including food employee failed to wash hands for at least 20 seconds before going to work (corrected on site; apparently the Baptists have discovered time travel); employee drinking a beverage in a manner that risks contamination of hands, food, equipment or utensils; poorly designed or maintained equipment or utensils; maintenance and cleaning tools not maintained or stored in a way that prevents contamination; and no Food Service Manager's Certification.

Yale Street Grill (2100 Yale), where you can get a diner breakfast and then buy a weird knickknack at the shop attached to the restaurant, earned just three violations during a recent inspection: dirty fans; no towels or hand-drying device next to each sink; and food not protected from potential contamination (corrected on site).

We've never heard of Tina's Lounge (7601 Navigation). John Lomax, dive bar expert, has never heard of Tina's Lounge. Google Maps has, however, and it looks interesting and maybe a little dangerous (see picture at the top of this post). It's a block from the Ship Channel in Magnolia Park, between a stevedore facility and Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church. Sounds like it's field trip time. Also, inspectors visited and found no violations, so there's that.

Seafood time: Someone complained about Goode Co. Seafood (2621 Westpark), but an inspection turned up just two violations - no raw seafood warning provided, and sinks/soap dispensers/hand-drying devices not kept in good repair. Reef (2600 Travis) did a little worse during a routine inspection, when an inspector found four violations: food not protected from potential contamination (corrected on site); food-contact-surfaces not easily cleanable; dirty non-food-contact surfaces; and no dishwasher thermometer (corrected on site).

Someburger (745 E. 11th) got hit with just one violation - openings to the outdoors not protected against the entrance of pests. On another note, according to urban legend, they have a really good off-menu fried fish sandwich.

Finally, Suzie Wong's World (12151 Westheimer) had a bit of a rough time, earning eight violations during a recent inspection. Issues included food being prepared on surfaces that weren't sanitized prior to use (corrected on site); cloth material used as a food-contact surface; improper flow pressure in dish-washing machine; poorly designed or maintained equipment or utensils; equipment or utensils not stored in a manner that prevents contamination (corrected on site); and raw eggs not refrigerated at the proper temperature (corrected on site). No citation was issued.

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