Health Department Roundup: "Hole In The Wall" Edition

One of the joys of trawling health inspection reports is dredging up interesting, peculiar, and sometimes downright puzzling restaurant names. Inspectors found a few extra of those this week, so we throw them out for your perusal, along with a few repeat offenders to be wary of.

A change of ownership inspection at Houston This Is It Café (2712 Blodgett) on July 7 found a wall or ceiling not maintained in good repair and the floors not made of smooth, durable materials in several areas of the kitchen.

At Doneraki Dos (7705 Westheimer), inspectors visited July 1 and found food not protected from potential contamination by dust, dirt, coughs, sneezes, insects, rodents or many other threats. The moist cloths used for food spills on kitchenware also were not cleaned, rinsed frequently between uses or stored in sanitizing solution.

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A pre-opening visit to Creamery Cupido Cream (10139 Hammerly Blvd) on July 6 found insects were not prevented from entering through holes in the walls, gaps along doors, or through doors that were not self-closing.

BB's Café (509 Louisiana) racked up a few citations during a change-of-ownership inspection July 7. Inspectors found the restaurant was not providing enough light in several areas in the kitchen and the restaurant, and food was not protected from potential contamination by dust, dirt, coughs, sneezes, insects, rodents or many other threats. The heating and cooling system was not properly designed and installed, walls were not smooth (and not easily cleanable) in several areas of the kitchen, the plumbing was not sized, installed or maintained properly, and openings to the outside (holes in walls, gaps along doors) were not protected against the entrance of insects. Also, construction or remodeling had begun before paperwork had been properly submitted and approved.

A pre-opening inspection at Yogen Fruz (5085 Westheimer) yielded no violations (at least none that registered on the database), but we had to share the name. It sounds so Nordic.

Another pre-opening inspection at Fuzzy Pizza (8914 Westheimer) also found no violations that registered, but we're not sure whether to categorize the name as cool or troubling. "Fuzzy's" would indicate a quirky owner. "Fuzzy" threatens to indicate molding toppings.

Finally, Cuisine @ Granny's (4810 Yale) also is changing ownership. No violations showed up during that visit, either.

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