Health Department Roundup

Health Department Roundup: Hyperlink Edition

This week's hall of health-code-violating shame includes restaurants previously reviewed, mentioned, discussed or otherwise examined in the Houston Press.

Back in September 2004, Press food critic Robb Walsh said to forget about the then-ubiquitous South Beach bitch of a diet and eat up at The Sacred Heart Society's (816 E. Whitney Street) Thursday spaghetti lunch. The good people of the Society were served with citations for having an ice making machine in a place in which it may be prone to contamination, no covered waste receptacle in the toilet room, and low water pressure in the kitchen spraying device.

The pizza "restaurant without a kitchen," Capone's Bar and Oven (4304 Westheimer), now has a long rap sheet to go with its portrait gallery of hoods, the uncoolest rap being "foods not in sound condition/not safe for human consumption." "Filth" is mentioned. The Press had been wisely dubious about the enterprise, sniffing, with a pizza pun, "We'll have to see how the idea pans out."

For the recipe for a Berrylini, click here. Or go to Arturo's Uptown Italiano (1180 Uptown Park Blvd.) to be served one by the connoisseurs, unless "ice dispensing tools not stored on a clean surface" bothers you.

At Cyclone Anaya's (309 Gray Street), where Robb Walsh reported that one should stick to simple things like the homemade guacamole, nachos, chile con queso and a "spectacular" ceviche, the inspectors placed X's next to "nonfood contact surfaces of equipment not cleaned as often as necessary" and "wall/ceiling not maintained in good repair."

The Third Ward's Thelma's Bar-B-Que (3755 Southmore) is consistently saluted by the Press and its readers as one of the best barbeque joints in town, but the inspectors who swarmed the place on July 28 found evidence of soiled utensils, moist towels not stored in sanitizing solution between uses, and walls and ceilings that weren't kept clean.

In "Sole of Houston," during an epic 16-mile trek down Westheimer, John Nova Lomax hallucinated the still-distant yellow Café Adobe (2111 Westheimer) sign. And just last summer Ms. Debbylou Mountjoy flirted with a bartender there while sipping an El Patrón. But the Health Department patrol visited recently and found obnoxious odors and unpackaged food stored in contact with water.

Finally, what would a hyperlink edition be without the one to the Houston Health Department's digital record of violations? Here you go.

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