Health Department Roundup

Health Department Roundup: Lexington Grille, Pink's, 1308 Cantina and More

If you're into lunchtime trysts, the Lexington Grille is apparently a good place to schedule one. We're guessing things were not so romantic between the inspector and manager last week, when Lexington was hit with a dozen violations. But you never know -- maybe there is some potential for romance here. If nothing else, it's a decent sitcom idea. Write it well and it could be much deeper than its premise, the same way that Two Broke Girls takes place during the Korean War but is actually about Vietnam.

Anyway, the violations included hand-washing sink not providing hot enough water; raw animal foods not separated from cooked foods (corrected on site); potentially hazardous food not properly marked with a disposition date; food stored in unclean or uncovered containers; moist cloths used or sanitized improperly; and equipment/utensils not stored in a manner that prevents contamination. No citation or closure order issued.

Happier news for Hanukkah Eve -- Mardi Gras Grill (1200 Durham) had a mostly smooth inspection. The city turned up three violations: No hand-drying devices next to hand-washing sink; no test kit to measure strength of sanitization solution; and kitchenwear/food-contact surfaces not washed/rinsed/sanitized frequently enough.

We were eating a cupcake from Crave Cupcakes (1151 Uptown Park) when we came across the inspection report for Crave Cupcakes. Sure was nice to see that the prep area had just three violations: hand-washing sink not accessible to employees at all times (corrected); hand-washing sign not posted at each sink (corrected); and moist cloths used or sanitized improperly. It was a good cupcake. The inspector could have written them up for rats in the fondant and we probably would have kept eating it.

According to the city, El Tiempo 1308 Cantina (1308 Montrose) is completely clean. It's also way more expensive and less colorful than La Jalisciense was. Sorry, still kind of bitter.

Also completely clean: Pizaro's Pizza (14028 memorial). Pink's Pizza (3404 N. Shepherd) didn't achieve perfection, but did end up with just three violations: hand-washing sign not posted at each sink; improperly designed or maintained equipment/utensils (corrected on site); and bulk food removed from container and not stored in container that identifies food's common name.

Finally, popular Vietnamese crawfish place Boiling Crab (8300 W. Sam Houston Parkway) earned seven violations during an inspection last week. Those included dirty or poorly maintained vents; employee not complying with food-safety rules (nice and vague); food not protected from potential contamination; dirty non-food-contact surfaces; and moist cloths used or sanitized improperly.

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