Health Department Roundup: Macondo, Rioja, BB's and more

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Let's start with the really vital stuff. Dr Pepper is opening a bottling plant at 2400 Holly Hall, and a pre-opening inspection report shows that it's clean, except for a bit of debris on the floor -- a dusty old book marked "Recipe." The book was tossed in the trash and the violation was registered as corrected on site.

Tortilleria El Kilos (9364 Long Point), a commercial food processor, had the worst inspection of the week, earning a citation for ten violations. Infractions included packing juice without an approved HACCP plan; milk products either not Grade A or non-pasteurized; refrigeration unit storing potentially hazardous food with no thermometer; no manager with proper certification on duty; poorly designed or maintained equipment; equipment and utensils not in use either unclear or not removed from premises; effective pest-control measures not utilized; and insufficient ventilation (repeat). The inspection was based on a complaint.

Back to the happy pre-opening inspections. BB's new spot at 3139 Richmond had walls/ceiling in poor repair and bathroom doors that weren't solid enough, or didn't close on their own (that's a requirement?). There were no other issues.

Macondo Latin Bistro (208 Travis) got hit with six violations during a routine inspection. Those included potentially hazardous food not maintained at 41 degrees Fahrenheit in cold storage (corrected on site); potentially hazardous food in hot storage not held at 135 degrees Fahrenheit or above (corrected); improperly designed or maintained equipment; and an ice maker not properly "located/installed/operated/maintained to prevent the contamination of the ice." That last one is sort of funny If you've read One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Rioja (11920 Westheimer) didn't fare as well during a routine inspection, racking up eight violations (no citation). Issues included food that was spoiled, unsafe, acquired from an unapproved source or mislabeled; ice intended for consumption used for cooling; food-contact surfaces of equipment or utensils not properly immersed in chlorine solution; dirty vent filters; and potentially hazardous food held at improper temperatures.

Roots Bistro (507 Westheimer) had its change of ownership inspection, which resulted in a couple minor violations -- improperly constructed floor or floor covering in at least one area of the establishment, and improperly shielded artificial lights. The inspection report listed the restaurant's name as Ruggles Bistro, which is kind of like calling your new significant other your crazy ex's name.

Finally, for those of you who fall in the intersection of a Venn diagram composed of the sets "ALLEY THEATRE PATRON" and "FROZEN TREAT FAN": The Alley's ice cream stand (615 Texas) is completely clean, unlike your hands during the second act.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.