Health Department Roundup: Mamma Mia! Edition

While most of us were incapacitated by days of too much turkey, family and football, inspectors took a hit on the Italian family restaurants in town.

Mia Bella Trattoria (320 Main St.) was found to have insufficient ventilation and walls/ceiling not maintained in good repair. Walls/ceiling and floor were not kept clean at Pepe Pasta Place Italian Restaurant (1421 Richmond), and multiuse equipment at Damian's Cucian Italiana (3011 Smith) was not "constructed/designed/repaired with safe materials."

At Crapitto's Cucina Italiana (2400 Midlane), liquid waste was not being disposed of properly (a repeat violation for the bar area), plumbing was not sized/installed/maintained properly, and there were toilet rooms without tight-fitting, easily closable doors.

A close as we found to a "slime in the ice machine" scenario, Escalante's (4053 Westheimer) was cited for an ice machine/plant not located/installed/operated/maintained to prevent contamination.

Also worth mentioning, the pre-opening inspection of Celebrity Cupcakes (2343 University Blvd) went by without a hitch, ensuring that if we can't make it to next Spring for Crave to open, and Dessert Gallery seems too far, no weekend in the Village need go cupcake-less.

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