Health Department Roundup

Health Department Roundup: Meat Row and Trouble in the Phamily

Pickings are sort of slim on the Health Department's Web site this week. Regardless, we'll start with the meat, because you don't win friends with salad. Fleming's Prime (2405 W. Alabama) had a good inspection, earning just two violations during a routine inspection: equipment not kept tight/adjusted in accordance with manufacturer's specs, and missing dishwasher thermometer.

Frank's Americana Revival (3736 Westheimer) -- which used to be Frank's Chop House, so close enough, meat-wise -- did nearly as well. An inspector found three violations last week: equipment not kept tight/adjusted in accordance with manufacturer's specs, no splashguard present on at least one sink; and dishwashing machine not cleaned as often as necessary. Smith & Wollensky (4007 Westheimer) rounded out the poorly adjusted equipment trifecta. Its only additional violation was no properly installed trap drains in the floor. That's why you take hose-baths in the back yard, or failing that, a reasonably private alley.

Staying on Westheimer, Escalante's (4053 Westheimer) had a completely clean inspection. Exotic ethnic enclave P.F. Chang's (4094 Westheimer), which showcases the traditional cuisine of Scottsdale, Arizona, got hit with three violations: equipment not kept clean; toilet room not provided with covered waste receptacle; and no Food Dealer's Permit.

Luling City Market (4726 Richmond) got stuck with four violations: food being prepared without the least possible manual contact (corrected on site); openings to the outside not protected against the entrance of pests; poorly designed or maintained equipment; and potentially hazardous food not cooled properly. No violation for impersonating a legend.

We'll end with some bad news, unfortunately. Phamily Bites -- a truck that serves some excellent Vietnamese food -- had a rough inspection, earning a citation and a temporary closure order. An inspector turned up five violations, including: presence of insects/pests not controlled either in the truck or on the nearby property; dirty vent filters; dirty non-food-contact surfaces; and dirty floors.

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