Health Department Roundup

Health Department Roundup: Now It's Personal Edition

The Health Department inspection search website is generally (and thankfully) populated by one star hotel food prep areas, shady gas stations and restaurant names I don't recognize. The occasional gem or curiosity will pop up, but this week the inspectors proved a menacing force, telling me things I really don't want to know.

My favorite local pizza delivery, New York Pizzeria (5727 Westheimer), was noted as storing potentially hazardous and ready-to-eat food at 41 degrees F for more than seven days. They also had a little trouble with paperwork, although they were ultimately able to produce a Food Dealer's Permit. The Health Department is still waiting on the Food Service Manager's Certification.

Other daggers in the heart include Buffalo Grille (1301 S Voss), which suffered repeat violations from a poorly maintained wall/ceiling and no-smoking signs not displayed at every entrance. Happy-hour haven Miyako (3910 Kirby) possessed bulk food that was removed from its original container and not stored in a container identifying the food by common name.

In addition to not posting a valid Food Dealer's Permit, Berripop (1101 Uptown Park) was closed temporarily on December 2 for not conforming to requirements of Article II. No specific violations were listed, but Article II includes a wide range of them.

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Lauren McKechnie
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