Health Department Roundup: Pass and Provisions, Warren's, Ruchi's and more

Sometimes the city's inspection reports can bring news. And sometimes the online reports can be confusing. The Pass and Provisions (807 Taft) -- a fine-dining venture Shilcutt previewed here -- is apparently close enough to opening to warrant a pre-opening inspection. Good news for whatever the people formerly known as foodies are called now. As with most pre-opening inspections, the restaurant didn't face any serious issues. On Tuesday, inspectors found just one violation: "Operator providing/allowing any canopy/awning/other covering to remain over any part of the mobile food unit/any are within 100 feet of the mobile food unit." And that's the confusing part -- a mobile food unit violation, for a brick-and-mortar place? Inspectors went back Wednesday and registered the same violation. We put in a call to the restaurant to see if they had any clue what was going on there, but didn't get an answer.

In other news, Agora (1712 Westheimer) had a change-of-ownership inspection this week. We're going to put on our Miss Marple hat and submit that Agora is getting new owners. Inspectors found one issue -- wall/ceiling not maintained in good repair. Well Jesus, if you break up with someone, and then get back together and move back in, you're not going to unpack all your stuff right away, are you? Same with fires. Give us three flame-free years, then we'll invest some time in improving the walls and ceiling. It's probably best we've never owned property.

MFW (Our Face When?) Brasserie 19 (1962 W. Gray) gets written up for one violation, "failure to provide water under pressure."

We love Warren's (307 Travis) enough to forgive any combination of health or building code violations. No problem, though -- inspectors found just two violations, wall/ceiling not in good repair, and ice intended for human consumption used as a medium for cooling. How dangerous can a little ice be when Warren's bartenders pour liquor the way they do?

At the opposite end of the cool-bar spectrum, Dirt (1209 Caroline) is actually pretty clean. Inspectors found poorly designed or maintained equipment, and this week's apparent theme, wall/ceiling not in good repair. As for Lady Gaga going there once, Lady Gaga's also been to Hartford, Connecticut, so what's your point? It's no reason to drink somewhere that looks likes a place Mystery the pickup artist would go to try and scoop up rock 'n' roll "targets," or whatever it is those people call women.

The Ruchi's at 5201 Richmond didn't do very well, earning ten violations but no citation or closure order. Problems included potentially hazardous foods being thawed improperly in water; potentially hazardous food cooled improperly; food stored in unclean or uncovered containers; improperly designed or maintained equipment; food on display not protected from contamination; and no Food Dealer's Permit. None of the ten violations were corrected on site, because Ruchi's.

That Pizza Place on Ella (3322 Ella) had a bit of a rough time as well, but did not get cited either. It earned seven violations, including ice machine problems; poisonous or toxic materials not stored in a way that prevents contamination; equipment, utensils or single-serve articles stored near sources or contamination; potentially hazardous food stored at improper temperatures; and dirty non-food-contact surfaces.

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