Health Department Roundup

Health Department Roundup: Phamily Bites Redux, St. Pius X and More

We're doing a lightning round of the Health Department Roundup this week. And we'll start with some good news. The Phamily Bites truck got a reinspection and made it through without a ticket or closure order this time. In fact, the only violation the city turned up was dirty non-food-contact surfaces.

Also good news, especially for you prep-school kids -- St. Pius X High School (811 Donovan) has a mostly clean concession area! An inspector did turn up two violations, however: equipment in poor repair or toxic, and potentially hazardous food not held at proper temperature in cold storage. Go Panthers! Yes, we had to look that up.

Not so good news -- Brothers Pizzeria at 3820 N. Shepherd didn't get a ticket, but an inspector did turn up half a dozen violations. Most of those were of the less-than-disgusting variety, though. The issues were no protection over artificial lighting; not enough hand-washing signs; toilet room not provided with covered receptacle; poorly designed or maintained equipment; food employee not wearing an effective hair restraint (corrected on site); and shipping containers used for storage/shelving.

Bull & Bear Tavern (11980 Westheimer) did pretty well, too. An inspector found three violations: hand-washing sinks not kept clean/in good repair; dirty non-food-contact surfaces; and ice-dispensing utensils not stored properly (corrected).

Istanbul Market (7912 Hillcroft) is currently doing better than the, you know, actual city of Istanbul is right now. An inspector visited last week and turned up just one violation, potentially hazardous food in refrigeration held longer than Texas law stipulates. No tear-gas issues, thankfully.

Finally, Great Khan Mongolian Grill (2150 Highway 6) got a closure order (but no ticket) after an inspector turned up three violations: establishment not conforming to Article II; effective pest-control methods not utilized; and no Food Dealer's Permit.

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