Health Department Roundup

Health Department Roundup: Sad Times at Happyland & Radical Cleanliness

We're all for businesses with ironic or inadvertently funny names. Like Kids Exchange, which is usually written in all caps without any spaces so it reads "KIDSEXCHANGE," and our naughty little minds insert spaces where they probably shouldn't be. Or Pho Shizzle, a Vietnamese joint in Washington with an oh-so-clever owner.

Unfortunately, some places have names that are funny because they don't exactly accurately reflect the business itself. Like Happyland Supermarket. Admittedly, I've never been inside Happyland, but from the outside it looks kind of sad. It's probably feeling sad this week, too, because it got a citation from the health inspector for eight violations, including food not safe for human consumption, the food service manager not having a food service manager's certification in his/her possession, openings to the outside not protected against insects, a poorly maintained ice machine and no soap at the sinks. Or at least there wasn't soap at every sink, which is not as bad as having no soap whatsoever, but still not great.

Latinos Meat Market also received a citation, but, like Happyland, it remains open. The butcher received violations for, among other things, the ice machine not being maintained in proper condition, potentially hazardous food not kept at an internal temperature of 41 degrees or below or 140 degrees or above, foods not safe for human consumption, non-food contact surfaces not kept clean, toilet fixtures not in good repair, and the juncture between the wall and floor having an open seam larger than 1/32 of an inch. Only one violation was corrected on-site: The food not safe for human consumption was disposed of. Fortunately, the meat market's fats, oils and grease disposal unit was in tip-top shape.

Revival Market received two violations. A container of food that wasn't stored more than six inches above the floor was moved, correcting the violation on site, and potentially hazardous, ready-to-eat food was not clearly marked to indicate when it was opened or prepared and its disposition date.

Uptown Sushi received a few violations, for ice that's supposed to be used only for cooling stored food being used for human consumption as well, hand-washing signs not visible at all employee sinks, and openings to the outside not protected against the entrance of insects. Brasil also received a few violations, including equipment components not being kept intact, food on display not protected from consumer contamination, equipment not handled properly to protect from contamination, and insufficient ventilation. Nothing was corrected on-site, but Brasil remains open.

Fratelli's Ristorante gathered six violations, two of which were able to be corrected on-site. The Italian eatery was written up for food contact surfaces and non-food contact surfaces that were not clean generally unclean surfaces, bulk food removed from its original container and not marked, multi-use equipment not maintained and improperly sized plumbing.

Brunch hotspot Beavers got violations for the internal temperature of potentially hazardous food not being held at 41 degrees or below or at 135 degrees or above; not having a test kit or other device to measure parts per million of chemical sanitization solution; not having a hand washing sign at all sinks used by food employees; and not utilizing effective measures to minimize the presence of rodents and other insects in the building. This doesn't necessarily mean there were unsavory critters running just doesn't mean it's not a possibility.

Golden Seafood House got ten violations, but three of them (an employee eating in an unapproved area, employees not using gloves to handle food and lack of absorbent floor covering) were corrected immediately. Those that were not corrected include a refrigerator storing potentially hazardous food, ventilation filters not cleaned, floor not kept clean, and lack of trashcans in the bathrooms.

Good news for Radical Eats, which garnered not a single violation. In an industry full of improperly stored food and employees eating in corners where they shouldn't, this lack of violations is indeed...(you know where I'm going with this)...radical.

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Kaitlin Steinberg