Health Department Roundup: Washington Corridor Edition

Ever notice that the Washington Corridor is roughly but uncannily shaped like a pancreas, with Washington Avenue as its pancreatic duct? We did. Without further ado, a few Health Dept. violators from the area this week:

According to its website, Bubba's Sports Bar and Grill (6225 Washington Ave.) is designed with "wall décor that is sure to initiate an exciting conversation at your table." Its inspection report might also initiate some excitement among patrons. Bubba's was discovered storing raw animal products along with ready-to-eat foods. Also, there were fewer hand-washing sinks than required, and the facility lacked a thermometer to gauge holding temperatures for refrigerated items.

Primarily a breakfast destination, Los Dos Amigos (5720 Washington Ave.) has weathered the winds of hipness so far, but get your fresh tortillas, warm salsa and creamy flan before the gentrifiers come in. Los Dos Amigos suffered a repeat violation for unclean vents and ceilings. There were also cleanliness issues with utensils and non-food contact surfaces.

At 6th and Yale, repurposed gas station Dry Creek Café (544 Yale) offers a sort of knotted-wood-and-sage Austin ambience. The burgers, shrimp po-boy and sandwich bread are fine, not to mention the big and beautiful salads. Unfortunately, the person in charge when the health inspectors arrived on October 21 did not have a valid Food Service Manager's Certification.

Meanwhile, just south of I-10 at Mission Burritos (1609 Durham), the person in charge of insuring that hot foods were not improperly cooled did not insure same. Named for the San Francisco neighborhood, Mission is on a mission to make dinner-tonight-lunch-tomorrow burritos. We salute them.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.