Health Department Roundup: We Are Chinese If You Please Edition

There are always plenty of Chinese joints on the Health Department's online hit list. The reason: Like Mexican restaurants, Chinese restaurants are ubiquitous.

The imaginatively named Chinese Cuisine (9888 Bellaire) was cited for general uncleanliness/disorder, dirty floors, and problems with the refrigeration unit, dressing room, locker room and utensil-washing area. In other violations, bulk food was removed from its original container and stored in one without a proper label.

Just down the street, Lucky Dragon (9264 Bellaire) fired up inspectors with no-nos like storing raw food in uncovered containers, not taking measures to protect the premises from rodents, and the old 20-21.22(a) violation mentioned above, general uncleanliness.

Inspectors at Sinh Sinh China Fast Food (9788 Bellaire, apparently the street swarmed by inspectors this week) caught employees with their hair down and washing their hands in the food prep sink. There were also some dusty non-food contact surfaces.

Equipment components were not kept intact at Golden Hunan II Chinese Restaurant (2953 Bingle). The place was also insufficiently ventilated, and the walls and ceiling were not maintained.

East China, so called perhaps because it's on the East Freeway (10337), shamefully failed to place a handwashing sign near the sink and stored food less than six inches from the floor.

Beijing was once named Peking by the bad old British Empire. And at Peking Bo (12160 East Freeway), the operator in the back did not immerse the cooking utensils in water, was not wearing a hair restraint and did not post a hand-washing sign for food service employees.

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