Health Department Roundup

Health Department Roundup: Westheimer Edition

Here's this week's roundup for restaurants on what is debatably Houston's most iconic thoroughfare.

A pre-opening inspection of the new Aloft (5415 Westheimer), a hotel for the techno-geek that looks like IKEA on steroids, turned up changes in the proposed layout of the kitchen work area not shown in revised plans for the space.

Another new kitchen, Jeannine's Bistro (106 Westheimer), aka "Café Montrose Reborn," violated code by not maintaining walls and/or ceilings in good repair, which is perplexing as the place hasn't even opened yet. (I hope to be one of the first to get my beer and moules-frites on at Chez Jeannine.)

The team behind this restaurant has thumbed its nose at the many-eyed gods of hubris by naming the establishment The Chef (13968 Westheimer), and the gods have lately responded with five citations for code infractions, including unsuitable utensils, dirty non-food contact surfaces, and food contact surfaces unclean to sight and touch.

Feng Ling (11010 Westheimer) suffered two repeat violations for an absence of soap at each hand-washing sink and potentially hazardous foods being thawed in water.

Houston's (5888 Westheimer), or, as I like to call it, Luby's with a face-lift, racked up five uncorrected nasties: improper food storage; lack of hand-drying devises or towels; presence of vermin(!); poorly-maintained wall/ceiling; and recording thermometer not located in warmest part of facility storing foods.

And, lastly for this edition, the bodacious stars at Houston's newest strip club All Stars (6340 Westheimer) are operating a food service establishment without posting a valid Food Dealer's Permit. Here's a little something extra for those who don't mind mixing food talk and booty shots: the Press's Stars slide show.

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E. Ting