Health Dept. Report

Last week was another light one for city health inspectors, who seemed mainly to nab the low-hanging fruit of their profession: chains and Chinese eateries with odd names.

Subway (at 11936 Bellaire) was closed after an October 3 inspection found paperwork troubles and insect traps that threatened to contaminate food, equipment or utensils, along with two other citations. (Though it should be noted that a Subway at 750 S. Highway 6 notched only one citation in a September 28 visit.)

J Alexander's (11103 Westheimer) was slapped with five violations in a September 29 inspection, including for not protecting food from sneezes, coughs, insects, rodents and other threats, for keeping potentially hazardous food too warm in storage, and for not sanitizing table-cleaning rags between uses.

Though we chuckled at the name Original Timmy Chan (at 9315 Cullen), we did actually find other eateries with similar names that would presumable force proprietor Tim to toss "original" in front of his name. (The others included The Original Timmy Chan, plain old Timmy Chan's, and Timmy Chan's Chicken & Rice, all at different addresses). Regardless, "Original" was hit with six violations in a September 28 visit, the result of a complaint. Inspectors found potentially hazardous food was being stored at too warm a temperature, cleaning cloths not sanitized between uses, and some equipment not maintained in good condition.

As an update, inspectors re-visited Abhiruchi Indian Cuisine (14045 Westheimer), which we told you got particularly beaten up in a recent inspection. This time, the eatery got only one violation in the buffet area and four in the kitchen.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.