Health Department Roundup

Health Dept. Report: 77000-77010 Edition

We like to be systematic around here, to work by the numbers. With that in mind, what follows are the recent highlights (lowlights?) from city health inspections in zip codes 77000-77010.

In 77006, Wednesday's pre-opening inspection at Brennan's (300 Smith St.) found much fault with, oddly, the re-opening restaurant's walls. In one section of the kitchen and two sections of the bar, the walls were found to be "not easily cleanable" in the walk-in fridge, food prep, storage or utensil washing areas, toilet room or vestibule. In one section of the kitchen, the wall was "not light colored" in one of the areas listed above, again drawing a citation. The only non-wall-related violation came in one section of the kitchen, where inspectors found multiuse equipment or utensils that were not designed or constructed with safe materials, not repaired with safe materials, or otherwise not corrosion-resistant, nonabsorbent, smooth, easily cleanable, durable or maintained in good repair.

Nearby at Jeannine's Bistro (106 Westheimer), Tuesday's inspection also found fault with walls, listing the walls or ceiling as not being maintained in good repair.

In 77008, a pre-opening inspection Tuesday at the Dessert Shoppe (512 W. 19th St.) again found the wall or ceiling not maintained in good repair (does this inspector have a fetish or what?). The shop's floors or floor coverings also were found not to be constructed of smooth, durable materials in the food prep or utensil-washing areas, walk-in fridge, food storage unit, dressing, locker or toilet rooms or vestibule.

Finally, in 77009, Doneraki Restaurant & Bar (2836 Fulton) was cited on Tuesday for not -- can you guess? -- keeping its wall or ceiling in good repair. The eatery also was cited for not providing at least 50 foot-candles of light above the kitchen working surface.

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