Health Dept. Roundup

We stumbled over a slew of big offenders this week on Health Department Roundup, so let's get right to it:

At Taqueria El Alazan (10414 Telephone Road), inspectors found 15 violations in a November 30 visit, including paperwork errors, that food was not stored at a safe temperature and that surfaces of some equipment were not maintained in a sanitary condition.

Marines Empanadas Delicias (3227 Hillcroft) notched 11 citations after a complaint led to a November 29 inspection. Violations included that insects were not prevented from entering through holes in the walls or through loose-fitting doors. Some equipment also was not made or repaired with safe materials, and there was no way to measure whether food was being stored at safe temperatures.

Inspectors tallied 10 violations at Meza Restaurant (7713 Red Robin Lane) during a November 30 inspection, including that there was no trash can in the bathroom, that the toilet was not kept clean and that effective measures to keep out roaches and rodents out of the eatery were not being used.

A complaint at Himalaya Restaurant (6652 Southwest Fwy.) led to a December 2 inspection that found nine errors. These included that food not being stored at safe temperatures, that there was no way to measure the strength of the cleaning solution, and that some food was not stored in a way that protected it from splashes or other contamination.

Frenchey's Fried Chicken (5338 West Orem) also racked up nine violations after a complaint resulted in a November 30 inspection. Among other missteps, the towels used for cleaning tables were not rinsed between uses and the restaurant's ventilation system was not kept free of grime and other deposits.

Lastly, a November 30 visit to Sonic Drive-In (18214 Gulf Fwy.) found nine violations, including that some food was, well, not safe for human consumption.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.