Health Dept. Roundup

Health inspectors found some truly big-ticket offenders this week, and we bring them to you now on Health Department Roundup.

At Pho 21 (11005 Fuqua), a complaint led to an October 25 visit that found a hearty 14 violations, among them that some food was not safe for human consumption or was not obtained from an approved source, and that some equipment was not capable of being maintained in a sanitary condition. Also, measures intended to limit roaches and rodents were not being used.

An October 25 inspection also found 14 violations at Cuu Long Quan (3724 Broadway), including that some food was not safe for human consumption, that some ready-to-eat foods were not protected from cross-contamination by uncooked foods while being stored or displayed, and that some equipment was not being maintained in a sanitary condition.

Marco's Mexican Bar & Grill (8216 Kirby) was slapped for 12 violations in an October 26 visit, including that some equipment was not constructed with safe materials, was filthy, and was not adjusted in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

An October 25 visit to Smokey Joe's BBQ (9333 Gulf Fwy) found 12 violations, including an employee drinking from an open container in a way that contaminated food or utensils. Also, cleaning tools were stored in a way that risked contamination of nearby utensils, and inspectors found no way to measure whether food was being stored at a safe temperature.

A complaint at Wendy's (16500 El Camino Real) led to an October 26 inspection that found seven errors, including paperwork troubles and equipment that was in bad shape or had a toxic food-contact surface.

Rounding out the week in the six-violation club were Arco Seafood (9896 Bellaire), Pizza Hut (2600 S. Richey), Welcome BBQ (9180 Bellaire) and Ni Hao (15115 Memorial).

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