Health Dept. Roundup

City health inspectors had a relatively easy time of it this week, but we'll still follow their footsteps to some of the poorer performers on Health Department Roundup.

At Pho 102 (10815 Beechnut), an August 12 change-of-ownership inspection found insects were not prevented from entering the restaurant through open doors or holes in the walls, and food-contact surfaces of cooking equipment were soiled with crusted grease and other accumulated nastiness, along with five other infractions.

At The Grove (the one near Terminal C at Bush Airport, not downtown near Discovery Green), an August 11 inspection found unregistered and unapproved pesticide in use (um... jet fuel?), food open to contamination from dirt, coughs, sneezes, insects, rodents and toxic materials, and some equipment covered in dust, dirt, food particles and other debris.

An August 6 routine visit to Taqueria Tiquicheo (8008 La Porte Fwy.) found vent hoods covered in accumulated crap and cooking equipment crusted with grease and grunge, along with three other violations.

Though Macondo Latin Bistro (208 Travis) made out well in an August 10 change-of-ownership inspection (the eatery was cited only for a busted wall and shoddy plumbing), we thought it worth mentioning in that the Macondo name (shared by BP's formerly gushing well) has likely been ruined for all Gulf Coast residents, regardless of whether this particular eatery is spotless or grungy.

We can only hope the bistro's owners don't feel the way women named Katrina felt in September 2005.

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