Health Dept. Roundup

Be grateful city health inspectors didn't visit your kitchen over Thanksgiving week, because by the looks of it, they would have dinged you, too.

At Thai Spice (5117 Kelvin), a November 22 inspection found 10 violations, including that food was being stored at an unsafe temperature, that some equipment was not constructed or repaired with safe materials, and that other equipment was not cleaned often enough to keep it free of dirt and debris.

Fish City Grill (5172 Buffalo Speedway) notched eight violations in a November 23 visit, including for an employee not wearing an effective hair restraint when working with food, and for potentially hazardous food being stored at unsafe temperatures. The eatery also had some paperwork issues.

A complaint led to a November 24 inspection at El Patio Restaurant & Club (6444 Westheimer) that found seven citations. Cleaning cloths were not cleaned or stored in sanitizing solution between uses, some equipment was not kept free of crusted grease deposits and accumulated grime, and other appliances were not made of or repaired with safe materials.

La Michoacana Ice Cream Traditional (11569 Wilcrest) racked up seven violations and closed temporarily after a November 24 inspection found a slew of paperwork errors and that there was no way to measure the strength of the cleaning solution, among other missteps.

A November 22 visit to Ostioneria Costa Azul (7307 Bissonnet) also found seven violations (and four more at its oyster bar). Among these were paperwork issues, and the lack of a reliable way to measure the freezer temperature. Some food also was not protected from splashes and other contamination.

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