Health Dept. Roundup

Health inspectors finally seemed to get back to work this week, finding a healthy crop of repeat offenders worthy of mention on this week's Health Department Roundup.

Inspectors found seven violation during a September16 pre-opening inspection of Taqueria Los Sanchez (4 Maxey Road). The mobile eatery couldn't provide hot enough water, had an improper air conditioning system and had problems with its floors, lights and plumbing, to name a few issues.

But the Sanchez truck stayed open. The same could not be said for Taqueria El Alacran (6611 Canal), which ran into some paperwork trouble while notching seven violations in a September 13 routine inspection. The eatery's equipment and utensils were not clean to sight and touch, and effective methods intended to limit roaches and rodents were not being used, to name a few transgressions.

A September 15 change-of-ownership visit found five violations at Ma Bakery (555 Northwest Mall), including a ventilation system not strong enough to keep the kitchen free of excessive heat, odors, steam, smoke, condensation, fumes, vapors.

Finally, Cedar Creek Cafe (1034 W 20th St.) notched five violations in a September15 re-inspection. Among them were a failure to prevent the entry of insects by closing doors or fixing holes in the walls, ceiling or screens, and a failure to maintain the facility in a good state of repair.

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