Health Dept. Roundup

The holiday season didn't have city health inspectors feeling all that generous when they did their normal rounds last week and found the following offenders:

If you happen to be car shopping at the Momentum Mini dealership (10000 Southwest Fwy.) keep this in mind if deciding whether to eat at the "Fuel" café inside the dealership: The café was closed temporarily after a December 13 inspection found nine violations, including a slew of paperwork troubles. Some equipment also was not kept free of dust, dirt or grime, and at least one employee was not wearing an effective hair restraint.

Bombay Garden (5600 Hillcroft) notched 11 violations in a December 13 inspection that found some food not protected from dust, dirt, coughs, sneezes, or myriad other forms of contamination, and other food stored too close to the floor. Some equipment also was not made or repaired with safe materials, and effective measures intended to limit the presence of roaches and rodents were not being used.

At Taqueria El Alazan (10414 Telephone), a December 15 visit found 10 violations, including that some food was not safe for human consumption, other food was not stored at safe temperatures, and the scoop for dispensing ice was set on an unclean surface. Here too, food was found being stored too close to the floor.

Kim Son Restaurant (10603 Bellaire) notched seven violations; Wan Fu Restaurant (6609 Main), Subway (10555 Pearland Pkwy.) and Whataburger (6888 Gulf Fwy) each racked up six citations.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.