Health Dept. Roundup

This was a light week for city health inspectors, who appeared to make the same number of rounds but not the same number of lengthy write-ups. Here are a few moderate offenders they found:

A September 2 pre-opening inspection at Americas Restaurant, 2040 W. Gray) noted the ventilation in the kitchen was insufficient to keep the room free of heat, odors, steam, smoke, condensation, fumes or vapors. The eatery also was slapped with four other structural violations.

Mama's Cafe (6019 Westheimer) was visited August 27 after a complaint. Inspectors found some potentially hazardous food not being kept cold enough in storage, and also cited the restaurant for a vague screw up having something to do with the way its utensils or equipment attracted harmful materials. Some food also was not protected from contamination from a host of threats, including dirt, coughs, sneezes, insects and rodents. Inspectors also found six other violations.

At Tacos Tremendos, (6203 Irvington Blvd.) an August 27 pre-opening inspection found equipment and utensils not constructed with safe materials, and gaps between the walls and the floors, along with three other citations.

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